Contents of "Volcanic Hazard Maps of Japan, Second Edition"

"Volcanic Hazard Maps of Japan – Second Edition" (Technical Note of NIED : No.380, 2013)
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0 First Yoichi NAKAMURA, Toshikazu TANADA, and Shigeo ARAMAKI 89 0.1
1 Challenges of Dealing with Large-Scale Volcanic Disasters Shigeo ARAMAKI 93 0.04
2 Volcano Disaster Prevention Work of the Cabinet Office Hideaki FUJIYAMA, Shinichi TOKUMOTO, Kiyotaka KOCHI, and Toshiki SHIARU 95-99 0.3
3 The Japan Meteorological Agencyʼs Volcanic Disaster Mitigation Initiatives Hitoshi YAMASATO, Jun FUNASAKI, and Yasunobu TAKAGI 101-107 1
4 Volcanic Ash Advisories Shomei SHIRATO 109-111 1
5 The Japanese Coordinating Committee for Prediction of Volcanic Eruptionsand its Contribution to Volcanic Disaster Mitigation Toshitsugu FUJII 113-120 0.6
6 Actions for Volcanic Disaster Management Shinji YAMAGUCHI 121-124 1
7 Technical Efforts to Prepare Volcanic Hazard Maps Nobuo ANYOJI 125-128 0.3
8 Volcanic Disaster Measures of the Geospatial Information Authority of Japan Tetsuro IMAKIIRE 129-132 2.7
9 Observation of Volcanoes in the Seas around Japan by the Japan Coast Guard Koji ITO 133-135 0.7
10 AISTʼs Research on Volcanology Hiroshi SHINOHARA and Yoshihiro ISHIZUKA 137-140 0.5
11 Fire and Disaster Management Agency and Local Government Volcanic Disaster Countermeasures Hirobumi KOBAYASHI and Noriko URATA 141-142 0.04
12 Volcanic Disaster Management at Unzendake Shinichi SUGIMOTO 143-147 3.6
13 Practical Example of the Use of a Volcano Hazard Map in 2000 Eruption of the Usu Volcano Toshiya TANABE 149-153 1.3
14 Problems Associated with Activity Assessment, Dissemination of Information, and Disaster Response During the 2000 Eruption of Miyakejima Hidefumi WATANABE 155-159 0.1
15 Volcano Disaster Mitigation Research Initiatives at National Research Institute for Earth Science and Disaster Prevention Toshikazu TANADA and Motoo UKAWA 161-164 0.4
16 Japanʼs Volcanic Disaster Mitigation Initiatives: Activities of the Commission on Mitigation of Volcanic Disasters, the Volcanological Society of Japan Yoichi NAKAMURA, Shigeo ARAMAKI, and Eisuke FUJITA 165-172 0.3
17 Explanation of “Volcanic Hazard Maps of Japan – Second Edition” Yayoi HOTTA, Hinako SUZUKI, Katsue SAWAI, and Toshikazu TANADA 173-186 1.1


Sakurajima and the innermost part of Kagoshima Bay (taken by Minami-Nippon Shimbun on 22 April 2013)